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Welcome to The Hitchcock Shop

Welcome to The New Hitchcock Shop

You’ll find check out is now more organized with working links and new happenings!

I have become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and now own a practice located in Scottsdale, Arizona
called Scottsdale Hypnosis. I’m very excited about my career for many reasons.

First it allows me to blend a long career of life long experiences with all the things I’ve learned
in the psychology field as a ghostwriter, and my creative writing talents to create powerful
guided imagery for my clients.

I also volunteer at Banner Estrella Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona with a group of tallented individuals doing a Guided Imagery Sessions throughout the hospital in all departments.

My favorite area to work is in the Emergency Department. The hypnotherapy sessions could be for someone in a coma, going through heroin withdrawal, heart attack survivors, multiple issues from aging, or many other issues, a one month old baby suffering seizures, or children with head injuries.

The experiences have been some of the richest in my life. It has let me to write a series of audio recordings that are now just becoming available. The first is Melting Weight, the second is Getting Rid of Emotional Baggage. They will soon be available in Audio Downloads on this website. CDs will be shipping next week or sooner.

The next will be one near and dear to my heart. Letting Go of Loss & Grief. It will also feature my Ascension poem, and the story of the creation of my Ascension poem, and the 30 years that followed.

If you have questions or want to share health issues that you would like to see me address,
please feel free to E-mail at NovelGirl@live.com or call 602-614-4471.

Thank you for being wonderful connections for me throughout the years.

Love, Light & Healing!

Colleen Hitchcock