Emotional Baggage:  Weight Loss 2  Self/-Hypnosis / Meditation

Emotional Baggage: Weight Loss 2 Self/-Hypnosis / Meditation

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Emotional Baggage is available as a digital download to play on your Smart Phone, computer, ibook, or favorite digital player.  You'll be able to download from this site shortly

Emotional Baggage uses beautiful guided imagery to relax the body and takes the listener into a calmer state of consciousness. In this relaxed state the subconscious mind is receptive to receive positive affirmations and communication about getting rid of the emotional baggage that sabotages your health, limits you, and holds you back from a fulfilling life..

Emotional Baggage gets rid of the stuffed emotions that create weight gain with a metaphorical release.  The self-hypnosis session is a pleasurable experience to help you create a healthy, fit body, and reinforce healthy habits to take control of your weight and achieve weight loss goals.

Written by Clinical Hypnotherapist and author, (Radio, Rabbit Heart, Spud Gun Chronicles) Colleen Hitchcock, CCHt, (Melting Weight, Letting Go of Grief & Loss) of Scottsdale Hypnosis, Emotional Baggage provides a powerful tool to reinforce positive change and create a life you’ll love.

1 Introduction to Emotional Baggage  4:16

2 Disclaimer :49

3 Preparation :44

4 Emotional Baggage (with Music) 31:06

5 Emotional Baggage (without Music) 31:06

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