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The Spud Gun Chronicles, Earthshine, Lethal Words & The VIP

Hitchcock's Short Story Collection

The Spud Gun Chronicles - Novelette

Arnie, a compulsive paranoid, has been up all night perfecting the hang man's noose for his suicide on the day his gold fish dies. Worried that the mafia are taking over the world, Arnie decides his dying effort will be to go after a one million dollar bounty on the most notorious hit man of all time, Danny the Rhino.

Earthshine - (Political Satire)
Earthshine is Utopia. A parallel universe just like Earth, where no one ages. Space ships are leaving daily--and everyone wants to go.

Drama Queen - (Suspense)
Even Miss America can't get a gig in Hollywood.

Jimmy's Got a Gift (Romance)
When petite Mona Walker meets handsome Jimmy she learns that he has been gifted with male genitalia men pray for--but his blessing becomes a burden.

Lethal Words (Suspense)
Minneapolis Weatherman, Christian Spencer, is very popular at KSRA-TV. It's just that hate mail really irks him.

Also, The V. I.P, Grave by Midnight, Cemetery Garage, The True Love Story of Darla & Pete, The Hunting Lesson, Coincidence: An Outfit to Die For & the Writer's Poem.
Free Ship in Domestic USA.

Author Bio

Colleen Hitchcock is an author and publisher. She wrote the suspense thriller Rabbit Heart,published by Simon & Schuster and a collection of short stories, The Spud Gun Chronicles, published by Leopard Spot Press.

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